6 Fun Chalk Board Contact Paper Ideas For The Entire Family

Contact paper with a chalkboard surface is currently the new craze in the fields of home improvement and crafts for the entire family. Moms and DIY fans have a lot of creative projects involving this type of contact paper. Yes, you can write and draw on it using any color of chalk. You can just imagine the fun that you will have, along with your family members to have a space on the wall with a chalkboard function.

Here are 6 creative ways to use a chalkboard contact paper surface in your home to engage everyone in the family. Just find a wall or cabinet door that every member of the household can reach, and turn it into a chalkboard.

1.  Family Calendar of EventsChalkboard Calendar

You might start by letting each family member select their own color of chalk for the month. Each person is encouraged to write in his or her scheduled activities and upcoming events, tasks and deadlines. They can also simply express themselves by drawing flowers, happy faces and other things, or leaving each other short notes.  This is a great way for the busy family that is going all different directions every day to promote communication and coordination, as well as leave each other notes of love and joy, even during hectic times.

2.  Affirmation, Quote, or Thought of the Day

What better way to start each day than a positive sentiment or note of encouragement. Many of us seek these affirmations online or in books. How about sharing them with the entire family? Many families find that rotating the responsibility of coming up with the day’s thought gets everyone involved and starting off on a positive note. Depending on how many of you there are, you can rotate daily, weekly, or monthly. Even little ones can participate, by drawing the happy thought they want to share.

3.  Vacation Ideas

Here’s one we did when I was young. My parents, siblings, and I went on a vacation every year. Some years all they could afford was a short drive to a campsite for a long week-end. Others it was one or even two weeks, and in some cases we might even fly to the destination. My folks would set the guidelines each year based on their finances and times, and let each of us put in our preferences that fell into those guidelines. Then they’d have the final decision, but we all got to participate. You can do this too, and use the chalkboard as a place to gather those ideas.

Here’s an example: Say you live in Northern California, and you set this year’s vacation for: summertime, up to one week, must be less than an 8 hour drive. If you’re in Northern California, your kids might suggest Disneyland, or Lake Tahoe. Or someone may pick a new place they just learned about in school, such as Yosemite National Park or the California Gold Country.   Families we’ve talked to that do this find that it generates excitement and anticipation. It gets everyone participating, and more chance of everyone being thrilled with the final outcome.

Chalkboard With Morning Tasks4.  Daily or Weekly Task and Chores List

While this might not be as fun, it can eliminate any confusion of who is responsible for doing what each day. Kids can’t claim they didn’t know they were supposed to vacuum or change the sheets, or that they always get stuck washing the dishes. Everyone takes turns, and everyone is accountable. For added participation, allow them to check the item off or write a note when a task is complete.  Some families create a friendly competition to see who is first in complete their task and signing off on it.

5.  Family Shopping List

It’s not fair that just one person is responsible for keeping track of what needs to go on the shopping list. Each person in the household has different wants and needs, and should have a way to communicate this.  Some families may find it useful to have separate running lists for grocery, grooming, and clothing, while others may just want one large list.

I know a mom who does this and takes a photo of the chalkboard with her cell phone before heading out the door. Then there’s no need to copy the list or try to memorize it!  There are so many other uses for chalkboard.  Give any of these a try, or come up with your own unique and creative ways to get everyone in the family to contribute and enjoy the chalkboard together.

6. Placemats

Have you ever been to a restaurant that provides crayons for drawing on their paper placemats? If this is something that your children or whole family enjoys, why not create a set of chalkboard paper placemats. They may not be for everyday use, but can surely be a fun way for family members and guests to express themselves creatively between courses.