8 Chalkboard Contact Paper Ideas For Fun and Organization

When searching for creative ideas for function or entertainment, consider trying out chalkboard contact paper. This amazing paper, which is readily available at craft stores and other retailers, can turn anything you want into a chalkboard.

Walls, tabletops, labels, gift tags, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


About Contact Chalkboard Paper

Basically, chalkboard paper is used simply by applying it evenly onto any hard flat surface in your home or elsewhere. After the adhesive on the backing of your chalkboard contact paper has dried, you now have a surface in your home or office (or anywhere else where you find it useful) so you can use it for writing and drawing on with chalk.

Scrapbooking With Chalkboard Contact Paper

Using Chalkboard Paper

This is a great thing for children to have because it allows them to always have a surface available for being creative and expressing themselves by drawing with chalk. But it can also be a very practical tool as well. Below are some interesting chalkboard contact paper ideas for anyone in the household.


Chalkboard Contact Paper Ideas

  1. Use it to wallpaper a wall in your home. This will create wall where parents and kids alike can enjoy artistic expression through drawing on their chalkboard walls. Put it in the kid’s playroom, the den, garage, or bedroom.
  2. Apply it to a cabinet or cupboard door in an area of the home or living space where things are often being written down to remember. For many people this may be in the kitchen area. This provides a surface where people can quickly and easily record small bits of information without needing to get out pen and paper. Use it to stay organized, with daily calendar, tasks, shopping lists, and assignments. My family uses one for an affirmation, quote, or inspiration of the day. It’s fun to find surprise smiley faces and hearts shared unexpectedly.
  3. Create a small portable chalkboard. This is a great go-anywhere companion for a child. They can bring it to any room of the house or to grandmas house. Our youngest loves to bring it in the car. It’s been such a great way to help pass the time while taking a long drive.
  4. Organize with labels. Attach a small piece of it to anything that you want to label. Label packing boxes and drawers, personalize wine glasses at your next party, create gift tags. This works great both for labels that remain the same or those that need to be changed regularly. We use them to write expiration dates on longer-term pantry items.
  5. Make a unique photo frame. The chalkboard paper can either fill the entire frame, or be a part of it and share the space with a special photo. Then individualize it with your own unique message. I received a cherished one with I Love You Mom written on the chalkboard, and below that a family photo. This is now a treasure prominently displayed in my office.Chalkboard Ideas from Barking Dogs Flea Market Style
  6. Cover the surface of a desk or old card table. My friend has it on the corner of her home desk. When working from home, she can have more fun jotting down notes and ideas from a call, or simply blow off some steam by drawing with chalk.
  7. Create a scrapbook page. If you’re already into scrapbooking or photo albums, this is a super fun and easy way to add some personalization of text or designs.
  8. Apply a large section to the inside of your garage door, or even an outdoor wall that’s protected from rain. That way, when the kids go out to play with chalk, they will have a large and easily accessible surface to draw on without having to leave the house or go into the sidewalk or street.

These are just a small number of the many, many creative ideas I’ve tried or heard of others trying. So get those creative juices flowing, and have some fun giving these a try or creating some new ones of your own!