Chalkboard Paint

Creative and Useful Chalkboard Fridge Ideas

The bare front of a refrigerator is like a blank space on a wall. It just beckons to be used for something more. Turning it into a chalkboard fridge is a fun and creative way to make this space useful for the whole family. Think about it. Many of us already fill parts of this space by using magnets to attach photos of friends or a child’s latest drawings from school. But why not use it for more than that? Since everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen, and everyone visits the refrigerator daily, it’s the perfect location to have a chalkboard surface for posting messages, artwork,...

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DIY Chalkboard Notebook

With back-to-school time just around the corner, it’s a perfect time for this DIY project.  When I was young, we would cover our notebooks with brown paper bags or parchment paper cut to the size of our book cover.  Then we could draw and doodle on them, usually with hearts and the initials of an admired classmate.  Since then there have been numerous projects for spiffing up notebooks with colorful scrapbook papers, wrapping paper,  and fabrics. But by far my favorite is to turn that notebook cover into a chalkboard, because that allows you the ability to change what you draw on it...

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Chalkboard Contact Paper vs. Chalkboard Paint

People love drawing, and drawing with chalk has always been a great way to bring out the inner artist. Perhaps this is because you can easily erase and correct what you’ve done, or start completely over on your creative masterpiece, giving greater confidence and freedom to experiment. And with the more recent introduction of chalk board contact paper and chalkboard paint, you can turn virtually anything into a blackboard, and begin drawing away. Imagine, permission to write all over the wall! Both chalkboard paper and paint have really generated a craze. Creative people everywhere are...

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