Sweeten The Celebration With a Chalkboard Ice Cream Cone or Cupcake Wall Decal Kit

There are so many creative projects using chalkboard paper or paint to make a wall for people to draw on. Children and adults alike are loving this new craze, because they can all be kids together and draw on the wall in bright colors, doodling, leaving messages, and creating works of art.

One sure fire way to make your next party a sweet success is to decorate your walls with huge chalkboard ice cream cone decals and chalkboard cupcake kits. They will add to the festive décor of your space, and can be a fun activity for all to enjoy.


How To Use The Wall Decals at a Party

Once you put up your chalkboard decals, you can either color them yourself before the guests arrive, or let the guests participate in the fun. Everyone will love that they can easily erase their mistakes and get it just the way they want it.

Leave chalk out for people to draw and doodle through the evening, or have a chalk coloring contest. At one party I went to, the chalkboard ice cream cone was the prize given to the contest winner.

If you are familiar with Wallies wall decals and murals, then you already know that their items are durable and high quality. Now they’ve entered the chalkboard trend with these two awesome products.  See the reviews below.


Wallies WallCandy Chalkboard Ice Cream Cone Decal Kit Review

This is not just any chalkboard decal cutout. And it’s not just any old cone either. This is a colossal chalkboard ice cream cone with a towering whipped scoop on top, measuring 48 inch tall and 18 inch wide.


chalkboard ice cream cone decal kit

Also Included in the Kit

  • 1 10.5 inch cherry (length includes the stem)
  • 14 candy sprinkle decals
  • 12 chalkboard star decals


Why I Like It So Much

  • The large size of this is just great. Little kids will look up at it with a wide-eyed “wow”, and need a stool to reach the top. And big kids (and adults) have plenty of space to show off their artistry.
  • It’s really fun to have so many sprinkles and stars included. You can put them up randomly, or lay them out in a pattern such as a star burst or rainbow. Or everyone at the party gets their own to put where they want. Lots and lots of options.
  • As with other chalkboard contact paper decals, this one can be reused over and over again. So if you’re in the mood for Neapolitan one day and chocolate jamoca fudge swirl the next, no problem. Just erase and start over – you can satisfy your craving of the moment. Just make sure you have a variety of chalk colors available.
  • The decal kit can be repositioned or removed with ease, and without damaging the paint or surface of the wall.


Wallies WallCandy Chalkboard Cupcake Decal Kit Review

This is a chalkboard cupcake of enormous scrumptious proportions, measuring 32 inches tall by 24 inches wide.

chalkboard cupcake decal kit

Also Included in the Kit

  • 1 10.5 inch cherry (length includes the stem)
  • 24 candy sprinkle decals
  • 22 chalkboard star decals
  • 1 18 inch candle with separate flame
  • 1 decal of the word “yummy” (approx 20 inches wide)


Why I Like It So Much

  • The huge size leaves plenty of room for writing at the bottom of the cupcake as well as decorating the topping.
  • Tons of sprinkles and stars included. (You’ll notice these are the same ones as those that come with the cone kit, so if you purchase both, you’ll really have lots of mix and match options!)
  • Fun to have the candle and flame included. Of course you can leave that out if no birthday is being celebrated. With so many pieces, there are many ways this can be arranged and rearranged.
  • Per usual with contact chalkboard paper cutouts, this one can be reused time and time again. Plus it’s easy to relocate or take down all together without leaving any sign on the wall.


Where to Buy Chalkboard Contact Paper Wall Decals

So where can you buy chalkboard contact paper wall decals? As our obsession with all things chalkboard, these contact chalkboard paper kits are becoming more and more widely available. You can usually find a smattering of options at your local crafts or hobby supply store, but the better range of choices is available online.

Our number one choice is to go to Amazon.com, because you will find the widest selection, up to date offerings and deals, and you can also buy all the chalks and other craft goodies you may want to go along.

These are great for parties, but also just a festive feel good item to have on the wall in a bedroom or den. As one reviewer suggests, you’ll put it up for a birthday party, but you may very well decide to leave it up all year round.