What is Chalk Cloth Fabric?

Chalk cloth is a lightweight fabric of vinyl or vinyl-like material that can be used like a chalkboard surface.  And it is easy to simply wipe clean for use and reuse over and over again.

If you are at all into arts and crafts projects and are looking to find a new creative outlet using some very trendy ideas, then you will find this to be great fun for use in decorating, entertaining, and so much more!  It is really a versatile item that can be used in several styles, from funky and casual to more modern or romantic.


How Does Chalkboard Fabric Differ From Chalkboard Contact Paper?

chalk cloth fabricMuch like chalkboard contact paper, chalkboard fabric is an easy and enjoyable way to incorporated chalk boards into a variety of projects.

You decide how and where you’d like to use it, cut to the size and shape you desire, cure it, and then it’s ready for you to write directly on it using colored chalks or chalk ink markers.

Unlike chalkboard contact paper, chalk cloth fabric does not have an adhesive backing. Instead, it can be laid out, hung up, or draped anywhere you’d like to use it. Then when you are finished you simply wipe off the chalk with a wet towel, and reuse your fabric for your next project or event.

Also unlike paper, it is a heartier material. Some types have a hearty mesh backing for added durability and ease of use.

This means it can be sewn into patterns and items such as placemats or tablecloths, with your sewing machine using a thick needle. One word of caution when sewing with this fabric: using pins will result in leaving small permanent holes. So be sure to only pin where you will create an inseam.

If you’d like, you can apply Velcro strips or dots to the back to adhere it to your surface.


Project Ideas for Chalk Cloth Fabric

There are so many creative ways you can use chalk board fabric. Here are just a few of the most common.

  • Tablecloth or Runner – Great for labeling the dishes on your buffet, or writing people’s names at place settings for your seating arrangement. You can also use it to let the kids draw on it while waiting for dinner, or to leave notes for family members that come and go at different times.
  • Placemats – Provide colorful chalks to guests or kids to write or draw on the table.  You might even conduct a short contest or game of hangman while waiting for dessert to be served.
  • Party Easel – Hang a blank chalkboard surface on an easel at a wedding, birthday, or other celebration, and have guests sign it and draw on it like a guest book.
  • Signs and Banners – Decorate a cloth to create your personalized message (e.g.: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations on Your Retirement, etc), and hang it up in a prominent place at your next party.

Also see our other articles that look at chalkboard contact paper ideas in more depth.  Plus, a search on the internet and on Pinterest will reveal tons of new ideas that artists like yourself are coming up with everyday. Perhaps you’ll come up with one of your own!


Where Can You Purchase Chalk Cloth?

There are two places I have found a nice selection of chalk cloth fabric, Michael’s arts and crafts stores (which has had it sometimes but not at others), and online at Amazon.com. I personally prefer to purchase chalk cloth on Amazon. I can search and select from the comfort of my home, there always seem to be new and creative items available to choose, and I like reading the reviews of people who have actually used the product and share a bit of how it worked for them.  Plus, they offer the widest variety of chalks and paints and other materials I might need for my latest craft project.